Walk to work week

Posted on: May 15th, 2015

This week 11th to 15th May, has been walk to work week. It is a week to encourage everyone to think a little more about their own health and try to do more physical activity, whilst also thinking about the environment and not using a vehicle or public transport.

For me this week has not see any changes in my routine as I walk to work every day. Some days it takes me 10 seconds if I leave from my kitchen and maybe a little longer, say 15 seconds, if I leave from upstairs. You see I work from home. I am one of 13.9% of the workforce who has a home office according to the Office for National Statistics. My office is a totally dedicated space for my business. We converted the garage several years ago and created a space which is ideal for me. It has a separate phone line, internet connection and plenty of desks for my work. It is north facing which provides a great constant light level for designing.


Don’t get me wrong, I do get plenty of exercise! I work on my own in the office all day, but do have the company of my dog. He gives the big brown eyed look if he thinks I have worked for too long and he needs a break! I take him out for a walk each lunchtime and find this helps to clear my head and refocus for the afternoon’s work.

I love working from home. As an early riser I can get many things done before some are starting the day. I can work very flexibly, but I also need to be very disciplined to ensure I do not get distracted by other things in our home. I do not need to add time to my day for a daily commute. In the past I have worked in medium and small Architectural practices, but I prefer my own space I am sure it would not work for everyone, but for me it is perfect!