L Rollins Design celebrates 9 years in business!

Posted on: November 15th, 2017


Last month I celebrated 9 years in business. I feel it is important to mark these milestones. 9 years ago when I set up I prepared as thoroughly as I could for my new business. I wrote a business plan, ordered equipment and stationary, had a company design my branding and website and immersed myself in the business world. I had previously taken a career break to raise our young family. I did everything I could to physically prepare.

I had a mixture of excitement, anticipation and anxiety when I commenced this journey. I did not know where it would take me or the route I would take along the way. Over the past years there have been happy days and not so happy days. I have always tried to give of my very best with each client. I have worked on large scale projects and small scale projects and each of them are very important to me. I have many satisfied customers and they continue to recommend me to friends and family. I am very grateful for these recommendations and never take them for granted.

Celebrating 9 years in business is a milestone. I love my job and I gain huge job satisfaction from completed projects. I enjoy meeting with clients who are delighted with their newly created spaces, whether they are single or two storey extensions or remodelling of internal spaces to make a property work better for the owners. Here’s to the next years ahead and the people I meet and the commissions I will undertake.