International Women’s Day 2018

Posted on: March 9th, 2018

On Thursday 8th I attended two events, International Women’s Day at Sunderland University and the Royal Institute of British architects (RIBA) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) talks at Gateshead council offices. Both events gave me lots of food for thought.


I read recently in an RIBA email that 49% of part 1 architects are female (those who have studied and graduated from the first degree) whereas only 26% of registered architects are female (those who go on to be fully qualified). This is a sad situation, however, I am sure the figures are higher than when I was registered in 2001. When the numbers of female architects, in my experience,were significantly lower.


The CPD talks were very informative and as a sole trader I always find them vital for keeping me updated on what is going on and current thinking within the industry. The talks covered the subject of designing for flood resilience and gave useful guidance in how we respond to these situations. It is vital to understand the ways in which the built environment can be adapted to cope with the challenges it is set to endure. However, I think there were only 5% of the audience female.


The International Women’s Day event I attended in the morning was unsurprisingly supported by around 98% women. A huge difference. We heard from inspirational speakers, talking about their experiences within their industries. A huge diverse section of the population. It was inspiring to hear their experiences.


I could not help but compare the talks to my business. I am female and a sole trader. I believe I can provide a good service in a male dominated sector. I strive to provide the best that I can and encourage young women to go into a career they love, whatever that may be, without the prejudice of gender.