Future proofing your home

Future proofing your home

Posted on: July 18th, 2014

Last weekend we visited the Yorkshire Dales and did some lovely walks. We happened upon this lovely stone obelisk which had been created by different walkers. It was lovely and we marvelled at it’s height and the different stones which had been carefully selected to balance on top of each other. We wondered who had created it. Was it a family? Had several different people added to it over days? Had each stone been added by a different walker? Did walkers go back to check it was still there?

This started me thinking about our homes. Unless we build a new home, when we purchase a house we inherit others work on it. We may decide to change everything and make ‘our’ mark or we may decide to live with things for a little while and see how things work for us or we may start on day one, removing everything from the past and adding and creating the spaces we require.

When deciding how to create a home, decisions need to be made, not just for the here and now, but also for the future. How long do you intend to live in this house? Five years, ten years, forever? Are you planning to have a family, if so how much space and what type of space will they require? If you already have a family, thinking about how they grow particularly physically and the space they then require. When the family are old enough to leave the nest, how will you then use spaces they previously used? As you approach retirement, do you need to future-proof your home to be able to live there forever?

I have carried out many projects to future proof my clients’ homes, a browse through my Case Studies page will hopefully provide inspiration. I have created family rooms where children and adults can relax together (an example can be found here) or created larger bedrooms for a growing family (an example can be found here) or converted a garage to create downstairs accommodation for when the time may come that stairs are difficult (an example can be found here).

Whatever your situation a solution can be carefully created to future proof your home.