How do you feel about Euro 2016?

Posted on: June 16th, 2016


To be honest, I generally enjoy football. I enjoy watching an occasional match. I have watched many matches at different stadiums and on the television. I enjoy the time spent together as a family and the banter that ensues. I enjoy the team spirit and spurring on your favourite to stadium

However, I have now had enough of Euro 2016. We are just a week in and it has caused chaos. It seems to have invaded our family life to an extent that, we are now dispersed throughout the house. We are divided into those that want to watch, they are demanding the biggest tv and the comfiest seats and those that don’t who are trying to find somewhere quiet without the shouting of ‘Oh referee’ etc, etc.

new grass

Our home is not open plan and we are able to find different spaces for our chosen activities and that, in my opinion, is good news. It did however, start me thinking about the way I design houses and the spaces that are created. I always begin a project with an initial briefing meeting where I ask clients what their hopes and aspirations are for the project. What are they hoping to achieve? What are they hoping to create? Why do they need it? What has brought them to this decision? Quite often it is at least a double stranded brief in that one member of the client team has very different thoughts to another and either a compromise needs to be reached or both elements of the brief responded to.

On many occasions I have heard conversations about the location of the television and its importance in the room being designed. What is the focus of the room? Is it the tv or is it another feature, a fireplace, a window, a view etc. I cannot determine the answer to these questions, as each home owner is very much an individual with their own thoughts and desires. I endeavour to facilitate the  spaces so that every member of the client team from the oldest to the youngest has their needs met.

sitting in a chair

Meanwhile  when I am not working and am at home, i will find a quiet corner to read my book and stay out of the way until early July when Euro 2016 will be over!