A holiday in the Lake District

Posted on: November 20th, 2018

We have recently stayed in the Lake District on a family holiday. I love the Lake District, it is one of my favourite places to visit. It doesn’t take too long to get there from the North East and you quickly begin to relax. The scenery is beautiful and the walking abundant. This time we stayed in a lovely house in Keswick. The morning walk with the dog through the park to the newspaper shop was full of autumn colours. The trees heavy laden with golden leaves, providing plenty of crunch under foot.

The Lake District offers many little towns and villages within easy access. We visited Grasmere and Ambleside too. We enjoyed walks, coffees and shopping. Our dog had a fabulous time. He received treats for him and looks of admiration wherever he went. Being a Labrador, he loved swimming in the lakes too.


This holiday, we visited the Theatre by the Lake three times. I love the theatre too and it was great to walk to the four hundred seat  venue. We saw three very different plays, each excellent in its own right.

Sense and sensibility adapted by Jessica Swale followed the novel quite closely. Set at the time of writing, the costumes were lovely and the acting, particularly of Fanny Dashwood, fantastic. There were many laugh out loud moments.

Next we saw ‘Jeeves and Wooster in perfect nonsense’ a play from the works of PG Wodehouse by the Goodall brothers. This was incredibly funny, with tender moments too.

The final play we saw was ‘Single spies’ by Alan Bennett the first part was entitled ‘An Englishman Abroad’ about the relationship between Guy Burgess and Coral Browne. The insights into the world of a spy during the Cold War was enlightening. The second part was entitled ‘A Question of Attribution’. The Queen was played by Karen Ascoe, her portrayal was as I imagine the Queen to be in her own home. She was cutting at times and spoke directly into the past of Anthony Blunt. I preferred the second part and found it very powerful and thought provoking.

As an Architect, I always enjoy watching the technical side of productions too. The staging, the lighting and the stage craft were spectacular. That of a west end production, in my opinion.


This holiday was lovely, to spend time together as a family and enjoy different experiences. The Lake District remains a place close to my heart. Beautiful scenery, lovely places to visit and now another theatre which I know I will continue to enjoy visiting.