5 Things to consider when you are planning a House Extension

Posted on: April 16th, 2015
  1. Design of the space

Think about the spaces you require. Whether it is an extended kitchen, family room, garden room, bedroom or bathroom, each space has a very different inherent character its light, orientation, shape, etc.

  1. Outside Space required

Do you have the space around your dwelling to take the extension? Would an extension take away too much of your garden space? Would the extension be in a space which has good light when you are using your outside space?

  1. Adding value

Whatever works you are thinking of carrying out remember to consider are you adding value to your property? If you do not intend to move and sell your property this may not be a consideration, however, for many people it is a priority. If you spend thousands of pounds on your property and in years to come you do not recoup that money or worse still devalue your property the works could have a negative effect on your home

  1. Budget

You need to set a clear budget and include a contingency of 10% for unexpected occurrences. You also need to make it clear to yourself whether your budget includes everything, like application fees, Architects fees, Structural engineer’s fees, carpets, decorating, furniture etc or are these coming from another source? Initially consultant’s fees and application fees are paid well before the actual building work begins. Then the main outgoings will be for the build itself. This will be followed by the necessary decorating, furnishings and finishing touches. Cash flow is key. Ensuring you have a handle on your budget from the outset is vital.

  1. Regulations

Most projects require Planning Permission and all projects require a Building Regulation Application. The Householder Planning Application process takes 8 weeks and Building Regulation Application process takes 5 weeks minimum with the Local Authority. I will lead you through this process and act as your agent and be the first point of contact for the Local Authority.

As a fully qualified Architect I can lead you through design ideas to create the very best spaces, utilising the space you have, work within budget, stay within the current regulations and submit the necessary applications for approvals. If you are considering a House Extension, please contact me here.