Frequently asked questions…

I have my own thoughts about where I want extending. Will you be able to give your opinion on that and help bring it to reality?
As the home owner I would expect you to have your own thoughts, you know your home and your family’s needs. My service is to provide professional design advice to help bring those thoughts to a reality.

What will it cost for me to employ you to work on my home?

Fees are based on the size of project and the work involved. I will visit your home and carry out an initial consultation and from this provide you with a detailed breakdown of fees for preparing and submitting Planning application drawings, preparing and submitting Building Regulations application drawings and carrying out on-site supervision (if required.)

Do your fees include planning and building regulations applications?

No you will pay separately for the planning application at a charge of £172 to the planning department. The Building Control application fee is calculated on a table known as ‘Scale of fees’ and is based on an estimate of the cost to carry out the building work or the floor area of the extension. An estimated charge can be given once the scale of work is established. You will also require an A4 ordnance survey plan of your property with the boundary clearly marked at a scale of 1:1250. Many people have a copy of this with the deeds of their house. If you do not have a copy you will need to buy one from the local authority at a cost of £25 on average.

Do your fees include structural engineering calculations and details?

No. If a structural engineer is required you will appoint them separately. I have a Structural Engineer I work with on a regular basis and will liaise with him on your behalf.

Do you have insurance?

Yes I am fully insured with Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.

Will you appoint a builder for me?

The choice of builder is completely in your hands. If required, I will issue the drawings will out to tender on your behalf with the pricing coming back to you direct. I can advise you on questions to ask them during selection.

How long will it take before building can begin?

I would never advise you to start building until both Planning and Building Regulations approvals have been granted. The speed of these approvals varies from one Local Authority to another, however you should allow 3 – 4 months for both approvals.