A townhouse is redesigned into a light and working family home

The design of a townhouse can sometimes be frustrating. Generally, townhouses have a small footprint and the usable space on each level is diminished due to the amount of corridor and staircase space required. The home owners at this property asked me to look at it, as it was not working for their growing family. The kitchen was small, but light and the dining room was large, dark and often unused. The bedrooms, bathrooms and shower rooms did not work either.

before kitchen
I looked at the property as a whole and we designed alterations to the existing property to make it work and ensure it was flooded by natural light. On the ground floor, the location of the kitchen was changed completely. The existing window sill lowered in the new family room to create a window seat and allow more light into the room. Walls were removed and doorways blocked up. On the first and second floors the bedrooms, bathrooms and home office spaces were redesigned with walls and doorways moved to create more functioning spaces. The smallest bedroom, which was too small for a full sized single bed, was redesigned into a shower room.

Remodeled townhouse Remodeled townhouse

The project did not extend the footprint of the townhouse, however, by changing the functions of the rooms and moving walls, doorways and windows a totally different, functioning family home was created.

Remodeled townhouse
The home owners are delighted with the project:
“Lynsey helped us to make the best possible use of our home. Before the work, we had a small sunny kitchen and a large but dark north facing dining room but we spent most time in the kitchen. Lynsey suggested that we combine the rooms and that we swap the kitchen and dining areas. This has given us a larger kitchen and a light and spacious living/dining area. Lynsey guided us through the process from start to finish – drawing the plans and dealing with the council, helping us to find a builder and being available when questions came up during the building work. She was a pleasure to work with, and we are very pleased with the result.” Julie, Birtley