Kitchen, Utility and Garden room extension

I prepared all of the designs and obtained the necessary consents from the council for this project, as well as going through the tendering process and inspecting the work on site. The completed project, as you can see, is fabulous. The owners are delighted and the spaces created have far exceeded their expectations!

Below you can see the rear of the property as it existed before the conservatory was removed and the new garden room and kitchen and utility room extension added. The bricks and tiles match in really well and the extension looks part of the original (part of the clients requirements.)

The new kitchen more than doubled in size and also incorporates a very practical utility room.

The new garden room adjacent to the kitchen is usable all year round. The owners are delighted they removed their old conservatory which they could only use for short times of the year. The new room is beautiful and usable all year round, in fact this and the kitchen are now the most used rooms in the house. It has beautiful views onto the garden.